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Intro to Aeronautical Engineering

Taught by
Norm Stein, M.E.

Take part in a class to learn what goes into airplane design.
Students learn calculations that show how the math we learn gets used in real life.

Fall Classes Begin

September 9th, 2014

Located in Palo Alto, CA

Classes are for Middle School and High School Age Students

Two 10 Week Sessions Offered

Tuesdays 10am - 11:30am
Sept. 9th - Nov 19th (No class November 11th)


Wednesdays 4pm - 5:30pm
Sept. 10th - Nov 20th (No class Nov 12th)

Class Information

This Fall, we are exploring wind tunnels and how they are used in airplane design. We look at:

A. How a wind tunnel works. (It is more than blowing air through a tunnel.)

B. How you get airplane design data by using a wind tunnel and test models.

There are underlying objectives, however, which are also very important; TEAMWORK is highly necessary during any kind of engineering test. We have seen this in previous classes where we have used our propeller testing apparatus, and also when we have used our tension testing machine. The way our class members have worked together with great enthusiasm has been quite thrilling. It is important to understand that students who enroll in this class will be expected to act in a professional manner, especially when working as a team during testing for safety reasons. The instructor has the same expectations for his students in this class that he had for his Stanford graduate students. Students learn not only the discipline needed to run tests safely and accurately, but they will have pride in themselves as they rotate through leadership and data collecting positions.

The class will include solving aerodynamic equations which will lead to design decisions regarding the performance of the models being tested. Students will also be building a model airplane to test in the wind tunnel. This session’s model design is a new one that the instructor designed and tested during the summer. Please note: This is NOT a model airplane building class. This is an aeronautical engineering class.

We supply everything needed for the models except for a few items which we
list at this link.

Our students become pretty darn good engineers by the time we get done with them. Finally, we need to point out that we are a professional engineering organization and we do math and physics calculations (application oriented). All students will need to bring notebooks for the engineering portion of the class, dress properly, and bring a few articles
which are listed here.

We are going to see if we can offer a class field trip this session and will send out information when we know more.

One final little item - we call this a squadron*, and not a class. We used the term “students” above, but actually we call them “squadron members”.

* 511th Aero Engineers Squadron

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