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Intro to Aeronautical Engineering

Propeller Design and Testing

Taught by
Norm Stein, M.E.

Take part in a class to learn what goes into airplane design.
Students learn calculations that show how the math we learn gets used in real life.

Winter/Spring Classes Begin

January 20th, 2015

Located in Palo Alto, CA

Classes are for Middle School and High School Age Students

Two 15 Week Sessions Offered

Tuesdays 10am - 11:30am
Jan 20th - May 5th (No class April 7th)


Wednesdays 4pm - 5:30pm
Jan 21 - May 6th (No class April 8th)

Class Information

This will be the start of our fifth year teaching aero engineering. Although the basic purpose of our course is unchanged, there is always new material each session. Our purpose, of course, is to teach the underlying science of aero engineering, including some of the basic physics, math, and fluid mechanics. As a secondary activity, we also build and fly rubber band powered model air planes. The backbone of all our Aero Engineering classes is in the math and physics associated with the design of aircraft, but we try to make it fun and interesting too.

Each member of the upcoming session will design, construct, and do the calculations associated with designing their own model propeller. This activity will include testing the propeller they design and build, and affixing it to a model airplane they also build.  The testing includes a model propeller testing apparatus. The prop tester uses the same process and calculations NASA uses in their full scale testing (ours is on a smaller scale of course).  We say you can’t design a propeller and an airplane unless you know how they fly. 

Please note: This is NOT a model airplane building class. This is an aeronautical engineering class.

We supply everything needed for the models except for a few items which we list
at this link.

Our students become pretty darn good engineers by the time we get done with them. Finally, we need to point out that we are a professional engineering organization and we do math and physics calculations (application oriented). All students will need to bring notebooks for the engineering portion of the class, dress properly, and bring a few articles
which are listed here.

One final note: We appreciate it when parents stay the full length of the class and even pitch in and help (although this is not a requirement).

A last little item - We call this a squadron*, and not a class. We used the term “students” above, but actually we call them “squadron members”.

* 511th Aero Engineers Squadron

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